Sunday, June 24, 2012

No Internet and No Computer Make Eoin Go Something Something

I've slipped into inactivity again as of late, mostly thanks to my having moved out recently into another house for the summer with two good chums and am still settling in. I don't have access to the internet, a computer or scanner (am typing this from the PC in my regular home) so I don't have anything really new to show save for a few bits and bobs.
'Til next time (whenever that will be, as I'm not sure when exactly I'll get internet in my place);

Fan-concept for an idea I had for a sequel to Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath, because I just love that universe so fucking much.

My entry to the Sly Cooper 4: Thieves In Time Treasure Contest, featuring an ancient bronze statue loosely based on Bishamonten, the god of fortune and wealth.

Quick visualization of a character a friend created for a short Western tale.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Pigs and Potatoes

 Dafuq is up this new blog editing layout? Arrgghh. Always something.
Anyway here's more college stuff I only got back recently;

Friday, May 4, 2012

They ARE Really Nice Shoes

So apparently Blogger has changed the editing format since I last updated. Seems unncessary, but then again I was never a diehard blogger so I can't really comment.
Anyway the end of the college year has come to an end. Luckily I found myself a job - not a glamorous or art-related one, but a job nonetheles. And I have several projects to work on to keep me going for a while (commissions, comics, collabs, yaddayadda), which I'll talk about at a later stage.

Here's a few bits I did in various themed sketchbooks that went around the class as per an assignment. They were mostly pretty fun to do, and I always loved working alongside others under a set theme and comparing the results.

 The Adventures of Aqua Cat

 Precious Things

Monsters vs Aliens

Letters We Like

 Fears and Phobias

Exquisite Corpse

Portraits - Self or Other

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Air-Tight Life-Drawing Room of Ballyfermot and other stories

Hooray for yet another two-month gap between posts! Time flies by when you're pissing it out the window...

Here's a series of life drawing studies I did last week in college. We had to select an artist of our choice and basically work as closely to their style as possible. I chose comics maestro Joe Kubert (Sgt. Rock, Hawkman, Tor and a billion other great comics), whose draughtsmanship I hold in the highest regard. These were done with indian ink and a sable brush (that I unfortunately lost just today, shee-it);

I was disheartened to hear that the great Jean 'Moebius' Giraud has passed away on Saturday. I have greatly admired the talent and visual scope he brought to comics since I discovered him several years ago, and have even wrote an essay or two on him. It's a real bummer to see someone who was still knocking out work at his age leave us, but I had read he was ill as of late so I only hope his passing was quick and peaceful.

RIP, Le Dieu de Bande-Dessinée~

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I'm a real artist!

Been a bit quiet lately due to college deadlines, health reasons and Christmassy stuff, but let's cut to the chase and get back on track.

Here's a series of images I did recently based on the story of Pinocchio for a college project we're tackling at the moment, where we have to interpret one of three classic tales (Wizard of Oz, Little Red Riding Hood and Pinocchio), design three characters from it and illustrate two full pages based on original passages;

Pinocchio in a surreal and warped village, kinda drawing on Shaun Tan's stuff a bit here.

His father and creator Gipetto, complete with weird gadgets and a backpack thingamajig.

Aaaand finally, one of the two assasins (the fox and cat in disguise) that mug Pinocchio on his way back home.

Nothing much else to report, other than I might be drawing a script for a future Longstone Comics anthology if I have the time. 2D Derry comics festival dates have been announced too, hopefully might make it down for the first time this year.
Also, I bought a snazzy Sgt. Rock print by Brian Bolland, I'll post pics when it comes in the post.

Til next time...