Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sandles Breaking Puddles

Some Usagi Yojimbo fanart, which I started reading over the summer. Amazing that Sakai continues to put out stories 200 issues and 20 years on! Some of the best cartooning in the biz to be found in those books.

Oh yeah I got into Illustration anyway, althought that was three weeks ago so it's old news now. But at least I'm not repeating, or worse yet - doing nothing at all. The folks that make up our rather large class are swell people and a handful of them can be found linked under on the right-side of my blog under 'Cool Arty Irish Folks'. Check em out!

Considering going to Thought Bubble this year, stellar lineup and t'would be my first proper comic convention but it all comes down to the eternal problem of NOT HAVING ANY FUCKING MONEY. I'm trying to sell a few trinkets though, and am pretty certain I've landed myself a student grant. Here's hoping it comes before November...

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