Saturday, October 16, 2010

Journey Through the Underground Sand Village

Just something I did in my sketchbook on the bus. I lurrve drawing abandoned villages.

Oh yeah, the 24 Hour Comic Event was a blast! Managed to beat my spiffy record of five pages with a far more respectable fourteen! I pencilled a simple story of a German army squad ambushed by a demon while driving through the snowy Russian countryside. I took some photos but they're of absolutely terrible quality, so I think I'll hold off on posting em until I get proper scans...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sketchy Sketchy Sketchy

Let myself slip again, bugger. Well, a whole boat-load of nothing has happened since. I am repeating Animation Drawing Studies in Ballyer though, because I was a lazy shit and failed my FETAC pro-style. I even got offered a place in Illustration. Oh well, at least I only have to do four modules (which means I only have to come in on Thursday and Friday!).

I'm attending the 24 Hour Comics Day again this Saturday, so if you're in or around town pop in and have a look-see what's going on. Bound to great craic, as previous years have proven. Here's hoping I get more than six pages done...

Here's something I sketched on the front of a used piece of animation paper, of all things;