Sunday, February 15, 2009

Epic Con 09'

It's been a while, eh? I probably wouldn't be writing this right now if tomorrow wasn't the beginning of the midterm break! On with the show...
Yesterday and today, I attended Epic Con 09' at NUI Maynooth, which was dead handy since I live only 15 minutes away from there. Here's some photos, and here's the haps';

  • Got up later than I should've, thankfully Dan (who was coming with me to the con) woke up late as well. Mobile phones are not good alarm clocks, goddamn.
  • Got to the John Hume building, paid for entry and shit. Picked up free Viz Sneak Peak volumes and two posters (Bleach and Death Note)
  • Had a quick look through some of the dealer rooms, suprised by the amount of manga on sale (did they get it all from Chapters?)
  • Decided to take on the Torture Room Challenge, in which you have to sit 7 hours or so of four shit films, which included;
  1. Mortal Kombat II : Annhilation (FUCKING BAD FIGHTING, SHITTY ACTING)
  3. Super Mario Bros (Yes, the live-action film. Better than I expected, though completely directionless shit. And why didn't Luigi have a tache...)
  4. Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter (BEST WORST FILM EVER!! GO WATCH IT!!!)

The last film made it worth staying the entire thing for. We barely had any breaks at all, and to win you had to clock up the most time spent in the room. Unfortunately, we were told at the end of the day that today's time would be added onto the four films tomorrow, and there was no fucking way I was going to waste my day again, I wanted to do other shit.

  • Got up late AGAIN, fuck you phone. Missed part of Cliodhna's talk. Actually, I practically missed all of it by the time I got there. Thanks for the advice anyways Cliodhna...
  • Finished off a fantasy-setting drawing I did overnight for the art competition
  • Listened to the talk on Space Warfare. presented by a very energetic fellow. Highlight of the talk? Power-armor suits are a possibility! Fuck yes.
  • Fucked around taking photos of people and shit (link to my Flickr account with some later)
  • Bought two volumes of the anime series Haibane Renmei for only a tenner (big thanks to the cute chick with the goggles who owned was selling that stuff!)
  • For the last hour, visited the Sci-Fi/Anime screening room and watched;
  1. Darker Than Black ep1 (seems very interesting, would like to see more)
  2. Invader Zim Halloween Special. The scene where Zim squeezes himself into the portal in Dib's head was fucking sick but awesome. I like that show, but the random humour does my fucking head in some times...
  3. Samurai Jack (watched the last episode due to the demand of the four people in the room including me, and IT WAS GREAT, mainly because of the hilarious reaction faces Aku and Jack pulled for five minutes straight)
  4. The first few minutes of Hulk VS Wolverine. It was suprisingly well-animated, I think I spotted Masao Muruyama's name in there so Studio 4c must be involved...
  • Everyone was then assembled into the talks room for the ending ceremony and prize-giving. There was more people than I expected, and the whole room filled up. Me and Dan thankfully sat away from some of the giddier cosplayers thank fuck. Eventually the staff-folk came in and put the selectable prizes on the table. The first prize awarded was to Keitaro, the brave soul who stayed in the Torture Room the longest (me and Dan were determined to beat his ass, but realised the futility the next day). True to his predictions, he ended up with a shit prize of an hourglass! I imagine that was the only thing he could pick, as the rest of the prizes were novels (and his English mightn't be good enough etc.). Second prize winner was yours truly for the art competition, of which only three others entered;

I only got to see one other entry, and it was nicely-coloured but typical anime-style girl (it also had a fucking Deviantart stamp on it, fucking christ), and I think I saw a bit of what seemed to be a doodle on a lined copy page, hahah. I picked up H.G. Well's The Invisible Man, as I've been wanting to read that guy's stuff for a while.
Cosplay winners were announced, the main winner was Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy, fairplay to him.
After that, two winners from the RPG games. And after that, the raffle prizes. Long story short, I won a copy of Sandman volume 1, which I'm over-the-fucking-moon with.
To round it off, a fireworks/explosives display with mad fucking chemistry, put on by Professor Ken from the college. It was damn awesome.

T'was a fucktacular weekend.